I met this cat through some friends of mine in Gardena ca, I heard a super captivating track  entitled “burnished hood limp” and it caught my attention right away. The swing and swag imbedded in his music is fucking outstanding. His newest release “DIRT VOLUME 1” show’s the progression as well as talent the flows from this mans veins directly onto the keys of whatever toy he’s using at the time. On top of creating some of the most original dubstep/hip hop beats out there (and sequencing it all on an mpc1000) Gwil is an amazing painter and tattoo artist. If you don’t know this man yet, look him up on youtube, myspace, what ever you need to do. He will be performing along side myself, strangeloop, aand more tba the 24th of this month for free at Bar Lubitsch in west hollywood ca here’s some shit from his first release “semi life” and his newest release “DIRT V.1”

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