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RIP Ian Hamilton, shit’s just not the same.

We lost a brother, and when I say brother I mean, truly one of the most amazing peopleĀ  I have ever had the grace of meeting. Ian was full of life, he loved surfing, smoking weed, hanging out with his brothers, working on classic mustangs and ripping behind a drum set like “animal” from the muppets. He let people in his home, put roofs over peoples heads, and started a family who’s bond now will be stronger then ever. His dreams were as big as his heart, and words cant describe how fucked up we all are over this.

We all miss you more then words can even describe. I cant stop asking why the fuck did it have to be you and keep waking up hoping I’m dreaming. He always used to tell me how much he appreciated friends like us and how he respected me and looked up to me as a musician, while in turn, I admired and looked up to him as a human being.

Ian, I got you homie, I’ll be jamming with you and whipping around in a shelby gt 500, murdered out ,named bandit 2. You always told me you believed in me and I’m not gonna let you down.

orange soda crack.

my theory after watching these now… I think orange soda was a metaphor for crack.