RIP Ian Hamilton, shit’s just not the same.

We lost a brother, and when I say brother I mean, truly one of the most amazing people  I have ever had the grace of meeting. Ian was full of life, he loved surfing, smoking weed, hanging out with his brothers, working on classic mustangs and ripping behind a drum set like “animal” from the muppets. He let people in his home, put roofs over peoples heads, and started a family who’s bond now will be stronger then ever. His dreams were as big as his heart, and words cant describe how fucked up we all are over this.

We all miss you more then words can even describe. I cant stop asking why the fuck did it have to be you and keep waking up hoping I’m dreaming. He always used to tell me how much he appreciated friends like us and how he respected me and looked up to me as a musician, while in turn, I admired and looked up to him as a human being.

Ian, I got you homie, I’ll be jamming with you and whipping around in a shelby gt 500, murdered out ,named bandit 2. You always told me you believed in me and I’m not gonna let you down.

  1. iaaaaaan, damn where do i start. met you when i was 15 and have been as close as siblings since. i havent stopped crying since friday. and somehow writing about you feels a little comforting. i will always love you brother. we had promised we would make more time for each other, and it hurts to know we’ll never get the chance. you left behind a lot of grieving people, and a lot of amazing memories. your laugh is still embedded in my head and nobody has or ever will call me Lindzo like you did.. i still have the pajama pants you lent me that one night after stan and heather you and me went the beach… good thing i suck at returning things cuz now i get to keep them forever. ill never forget the time we went to the haunted house in PV and got scared away by the pack of wolves..or the countless times we ditched youth group for joy rides & insane adventures. or when you told me i was literally your sister and hugged me soo close..shit i miss that hug of yours. or our never-ending car/house toilet paper shaving cream wars. that one time you told me your mom was furious that we saran-wrapped and shaving creamed the shit out of your truck and stuck orange cones all around it..only to find out she wasnt mad at all and the joke was on us..then you attacked us with the hose. or our plans to be at each others weddings..or your color-blindness.. [that one time you walked outside and i asked why you had two different colored sandals on, and you said “i’m color blind.”] haha i thought was adorable but you totally hated that you had no idea.. i was the one that you smoked weed with the very first time and you freaked out and said you were flying..i had to cradle you like a baby and assure you you’d be okay. years later we’d laugh at that. but my favorite memory is a random one. you picked me up from my house on a school night and we just talked. we talked about everything.. our faith, our families, the dumb problems we were having with our significant others, and we exchanged advice on how to fix it. i think it was because of that night that i considered you my brother. i could go on forever but its just making me cry. damn. i love you. and i fucking miss you. youll always be in my heart.

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